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Flyingbit Hash Calculator 1.0

Flyingbit Hash Calculator is an advanced tool to calculate hash sums of files (See all)

Flyingbit Hash Calculator is an advanced tool for verifying the integrity of the files downloaded from Internet. This small utility can be used to calculate the most commonly used hash sums of files easily via the context menu of any file. Hash functions like MD5, SHA-1 are commonly used so as to make sure that the files downloaded from specific sites are transferred to you exactly as the supplier meant them to be, without any transfer errors. Here, the input to these hash functions is a file, and the output will be a sequence of bytes (alpha numeric sequence). In theory, Hash functions are meant to produce similar outputs only when the inputs are similar, bit by bit.

This tool adds 3 entries to the context menu by default, which can be used to create an .md5 file (which contains the md5 check sum of a file), or compare any file with an md5 check sum file and a “calculate hash sum” menu, which shows the mini-window consisting of the hash sums of files under the different algorithms, like md5, crc, sha-1, etc. The time required to calculate the hash sum of a file depends upon the size of the file, so an option for selecting the algorithm to be used is provided in the options menu, which helps the user to avoid unnecessary hash calculations (using the less popular hash functions). Moreover, it provides an option to save the calculated hash sums into a text file with a .hash extension. By using it, you can ensure that the data has been transmitted from peer to peer without any errors, provided you notify the receiver about the correct hash sum of file, so that he could compare the file for integrity.

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  • Small, efficient, fast and free
  • Supports the commonly used hash algorithms
  • Easily accessible via context menu


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